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Blogging Services

Launch your blog and get more traffic to your website without adding anything else to your plate.
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I’ve got you!!

As your Blog Manager, I’m here to:

  • plan out your blog content strategy

  • manage your blogging calendar

  • write SEO friendly blog posts

  • do all of the techie stuff related to blogs

  • manage your metrics

  • and even search for guest bloggers to contribute!

See? I told you. You can outsource every aspect of your blog that you don’t really want, but NEED in order to drive organic traffic to your site! 

So let’s do this!  Check out my two Blog Management Packages below and book a free call if you’d like to learn more about it! 

Blog Management Packages

Note: All packages require a 3 -month contract commitment, then month-to-month from there. This is because blogging and SEO is not a sprint…it’s a marathon.


What Does a SEO Blog Writer Do?

Well in short, they create content with the goal of driving traffic to your website. Sure, keyword research and metadata are important in on page SEO! But creating valuable and shareable content is also! 


Do You Need to Hire One?

If your main gig isn’t blogging, but driving traffic to your website is important to you, hiring an SEO blog writer…aka me…will accelerate the traffic to your website. Google likes new, relevant, and valuable content. Having a maintaining a blog is crucial for SEO. Let someone else do the writing for you!


How Much is the Investment?

My SEO blogging services will cost anywhere from $75-$175 per post depending on length. I’ll do blog posts anywhere from 300 words to long form posts (1500-2000 words). Let’s chat…click on the button below!