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SEO Friendly Blog Post

 How to Write an SEO Friendly Blog Post

There used to be a day when packing your blogs with keywords and creating bogus backlinks might have been enough to get you ranked on Google search. But, as we know, Google is smart. And when it comes down to it, creating an SEO friendly blog post has everything to do with creating value for your readers. How does Google know that you are creating value? Here are 5 tips to creating that relevant and SEO friendly post.


There is a fine balance between using relevant keywords in your post so that your readers can find you and overstuffing your post with them. As mentioned, Google is smart. If you search for a keyword phrase like “how to write a blog post” and you put it in your post 10 times, it’s going to look suspicious. 

So how do you find the keyword phrases to use for FREE? Well, Google of course. Go ahead and put “how to write a blog post” in Google search. There are two hints here on what people are searching for regarding this topic. The first is the predictions that you receive in the search bar:

Google Keyword Search Prediction

 You can see here very specific needs when it comes to writing a blog post. People are clearing looking for SEO and affiliate marketing tips according to this dropdown. This may give you an idea of how you want to niche down your blog post to create it for beginners or creating a simple outline for your readers.

The second clue that Google gives is the Related Search section at the bottom of the page:

Google Related Keyword Search

You can see here a lot of people are looking for specifics. They are looking for guides, formats, templates, topics, etc. So many in your “How to Write the Perfect Blog Post” post, you may decide that you are going to write for beginners and include a list of topics and a format that they can follow to create their blog post. 

This is just an example! I put that keyword phrase in there because that’s a blog topic that I would create because it’s relevant. If you are a mindset coach, you may search the keyword phrase “How to Overcome Limiting Beliefs.”  Try it and see what comes up! Plus I have more tips on how to be sure you are targeting the perfect keyword or keyphrase for FREE!

Current and Consistent

How can your content be valuable if it’s not up to date or consistent? Current content is important in the SEO world. If you want to write an SEO friendly blog, you need to create content on a consistent basis. If not once a week, AT LEAST once a month.

Are you running out of ideas? Check out one of my favorite blog posts by Raelyn Tan, 45 Types of Blog Posts for You to Write About. It’s definitely a brain jogger and will get your blogging wheels turning!

Legitimate Backlinks

Relationships! Just like any other social media platform, creating genuine relationships with other bloggers, service providers in your niche, local businesses, etc is KEY! If other people out in the inter web world are saying, “hey! go check them out too,” it tells Google that your content is credible and valuable.  This is the reason that backlinks are important when it comes to SEO.

Being a guest blogger on someone else blog or even contributing to a community blog platform like is a great way to start tallying up your backlink count. 


If you haven’t uploaded the Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress yet, what are you waiting for? This plugin will help you create a reader-friendly blog post; however, here is a quick breakdown of what creates an easy to read blog:

Writing in Active Voice

basically, write a majority of your post in simple sentences. Here is a great blog post differentiating active and passive voice.

Transition Words

use words like “so that” and “because.” This ensures that your readers know exactly the point you are making.

Good Use of Headings and Subheadings

if you have too many words, sentences and paragraphs in between subheadings, your blog post is not as easy to digest.

Length of Sentences

too many sentences over 20 words will get your readability score docked. 

Length of Paragraphs

Keep your paragraphs more than two sentences long but under 200 words.

Easy to Understand Words

aim for 4th grade reading level unless you are speaking to a niche audience that would understand your crazy jargon).

Optimize Metadata and Images

Another reason to make sure you have the Yoast SEO plug in. It will ensure that you fill in all of the necessary descriptions so that your post is searchable. One very underestimated Google search tool is google images.  Your images are SEARCHABLE! Making sure that you include an alt image description that is keyword friendly will allow it to show in google image search.

The more ways people can find your blog in Google, the better.  Optimize it all!


It’s simple right? It may take more time than throwing together a feel good blog post, but it’s worth the effort. If you start with a simple keyword search, remain current and consistent, connect with other bloggers so that you have a mutually beneficial relationship, create easy to read posts, and optimize your metadata and images, you are ahead of the game.

Remember, it takes a minute for Google to like you. If your website is new or you are just relaunching it, it will take that consistency that we talked about for you to start showing up at the top.  Be patient, do it right, and you will be golden.